30-Minute Upper Body & Core Workout

Let’s get to the point: six exercises, working 40-seconds on and 20-seconds off. Go around five times, pushing hard for 30-minutes. It’s going to be tough, yes, but it will burn a shed load of calories and leave you feeling pumped and great afterwards.
For some of the exercises – where a weight is required – make sure you choose something that is hard enough to challenge you, but won’t blow you out too soon. Remember, the aim of this is to complete the 30-minutes.
Ready? Good. Go.

The workout:
1. Push-ups – check out our blog post about 5 common push-up mistakes
2. Bicep curl into shoulder press
3. Lateral raises
4. Bent-over rows
5. Strong climbers
6. V-sit/Jackknife

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